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Welcome to our disability insurance information page. I often ask people, “What is your most important asset.” I get a variety of answers like homes, land, business’s etc.. You may be thinking that question is loaded, well you are right—it is! I have expanded some peoples thinking in that “YOUR ABILITY TO EARN AN INCOME” is your most important asset.

DO you have long-term disability protection from your employer? Are you a business owner that is not covered by Workers Compensation? Are the “bread winner” of the household? These are three very important questions to answer.

Please feel free to contact Agency 10 Insurance for a complete personal disability insurance review.

Our company has been using the Commercial Department of Agency 10 for a some years now. The customer service provided by the professionals that handle our policies is second to none. Every email is answered quickly and every phone call is answered by ... - Richard Edlich, Edlich Realty & Associates, Minneapolis, MN